Our Story


The Cathedral of Life was founded about 30 years ago by Pastors John and Jerline Helms.  Upon their retirement the Church’s Leadership prayed and began their search to find the right pastoral couple to lead the Church.  After many disappointing years, and nearly closing the church doors, God placed in the Cathedral of Life a man & woman who were full of love and the Holy Ghost. The addition of Pastors Mike and Loreen Payne brought an immediate re-energizing of the Church.


At Cathedral of Life there is freedom to be yourself as you move closer to Jesus and His desires for your life. That means you don’t have to “pretend” or “dress up” when you come to church. You will be accepted as you are! The people here at Cathedral of Life are warm and welcoming, the music provides a vibrant, uplifting, and meaningful worship experience that allows each of us to express ourselves to God, the Kids Ministry is super fun, the Youth Ministry is active and exciting, the Small Enrichment Groups for the church and the community are expanding, the message is a relevant & life giving biblical word, and we have loving pastors who truly care.

We have a passion for God and a passion for people!


With the help of the the COL Tech Crew (one of our many Dream Teams), the generosity of the COL members, and other key people who have given of their time and resources, we will soon be launching a national television program which will spread the gospel to the homes of hundreds of thousands of people nation wide .

The Cathedral of Life is quickly outgrowing our church facilities. We plan on expanding in the near future. COL owns 11 acres of property and we plan on building to facilitate this expansion.

If  you would like to help with this vision and donate to the cause of The King. Click Here